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Lindsay and Alison Brook founded Brookfield Healthcare (New Zealand) in 1994. They are Co-Directors and are both still involved in the day to day activities of the business.

Both have strong experience with Product Development, and Sales and Marketing within multinational companies– Lindsay in skin care, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, and Alison with medical, dental and pharmaceutical companies.

The motivation to start Brookfield Healthcare and the skin care brand “DERMASOFT” was twofold.

“We had an infant daughter who suffered from eczema and could not tolerate most of the therapeutic moisturisers we could find. Our daughter was also unable to use any soap based or so called gentle wash products that were available at that time.
We also knew that the therapeutic skin care products that were available were expensive in our eyes and because of our industry experience we wondered why this was the case”

Our goal became to formulate a gentle skin care range that offered benefits to those who suffered from dry, sensitive skin conditions, and especially offered quality formulations that were equal to or exceeded those of other products and were affordable at the same time.
We also embarked on having a “New Zealand Made” brand available to consumers as most other brands are imported from overseas.

The “DERMASOFT” range of skin care products were formulated and launched as a result! Over time many New Zealand consumers have told us they have enjoyed using and gained benefit from using our products. With over one million “DERMASOFT” products sold in the domestic market place, Lindsay and Alison are well satisfied that they have achieved their original objectives to offer “Quality therapeutic skin care products, that are affordable, and are made in New Zealand.”