Most normal soaps, cleansers, body washes, and shower gels contain a mixture of foaming agents (surfactants) and detergents, which are often very harsh for dry and sensitive skins. These foaming agents are often derived from tallow, coconut oil or vegetable oil. A commonly used ingredient, for example, is Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, which is known to irritate sensitive skin.

Although these cleansers will cleanse the skin, they are often very drying, and can cause irritation.

Because they are high in alkaline value they will alter the pH balance of your skin and damage the natural barrier protection of your skin. Alternative products such as Soap Substitutes are recommended for dry and sensitive skins.

Dermasoft Soap Substitute

Those who suffer from dry skin, may aggravate their skin condition by using normal soap based products. Therefore the use of a quality Soap Substitute is recommended.

Dermasoft Liquid Soap Substitute is a gentle yet thorough cleanser, suitable for body, face, hands and scalp, and is also ideal as a low irritant shampoo. It is a non – alkaline cleanser with a neutral pH of 5.5, which helps maintain the normal protective acid mantle of your skin.

The formulation is “soap free” and contains no Sodium Lauryl Sulphate. This product also contains Lactic Acid to help promote normal skin exfoliation.

Use Dermasoft Soap Substitute daily as an alternative to soap, especially in cases of dry, sensitive skin conditions. Also ideal as a body or skin cleanser for those who may have a temporary fungal infection, when used in conjunction with an antifungal cream.

Children who react to normal bubble bath products can often use Dermasoft Soap Substitute as an alternative.

Available in: 250ml Flask, 500ml Dispenser Pack, 1L Dispenser Pack