Did you know that virtually all Shampoos available in New Zealand have normal soap based formulations and foaming agents? They are therefore very high in alkaline value, and also very drying to the skin. As a result, they are not ideal for anyone who suffers from a dry and itchy scalp or for someone who washes their hair frequently.

Although these shampoos clean your hair and scalp, they are drying, may cause irritation and because they are high in alkaline value they will alter the natural pH balance of your scalp, and damage the natural barrier protection of your scalp and hair.

For those who suffer from a dry, itchy or flaky scalp, a quality “Soap Free” Shampoo is recommended, and it will often offer real benefits.

Dermasoft Moisturising Shampoo (Low Allergy Formula)

Dermasoft Moisturising Shampoo contains no soap. It contains one of the newest and most gentle foaming agents available. This ingredient is called Lauryl Polyglucose and is usually only found in some baby shampoos. Consequently this product provides a gentle yet effective cleansing action without irritating sensitive skin and scalps.

Dermasoft Moisturising Shampoo will help prevent dry flaky scalp conditions which often occur as a result of using normal soap based shampoos, and at the same time the neutral pH 5.5 helps preserve the natural and protective acid mantle of your scalp.

This shampoo can be used in conjunction with medicated or anti-dandruff shampoos to help prevent dry, or flaky scalp conditions. It is also ideal as an everyday shampoo for those who wash their hair frequently.

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Dermasoft Cream Rinse Conditioner

Dermasoft Cream Rinse Conditioner has been formulated to moisturise, condition and protect your hair and scalp, using ingredients which provide a low level of irritation to your skin.

As well as adding shine and body to your hair, this product contains D-Panthenol to nourish hair and emollients to help restore a healthy moisture balance to your hair and scalp.

A natural pH of 5.5 helps preserve the natural acid mantle of your hair and scalp.

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