I have been using “Liplife” for as long as I remember, well over a decade, I lived in London for six years and would buy it in bulk when I returned home or have it sent over from NZ ! I absolutely love the product and can’t leave the house without it.

KatherineNew Zealand

Hi there, I have been using the Dermasoft alcohol free foaming sanitiser which I have found great for hand dermatitis. I was wondering is it manufactured in a smaller bottle for in the handbag etc. while out and about?

LaurelNew Zealand

Are Dermasoft products available in Australia ?
PS: They are the best products I have ever used.


I love your products. I use the Shampoo and Soap Substitute and it is so much softer on my skin and hair/scalp than any other brands I have tried. I am having trouble convincing someone else though. I have a partner who has a very dry flaky scalp – it gets all over his shoulders, my blankets and pillows !! He is using some anti-dandruff shampoo which OBVIOUSLY isn’t working. He just won’t stop using it though. But I will win !! I am hoping you have some samples of the shampoo that I can give my partner to try.

TaniaNew Zealand

I am a huge fan of your Soap Substitute which I use daily. I have just moved to NZ from the UK and didn’t think I would find a product to suit my sensitive skin (I suffer from contact/detergent dermatitis) particularly on my scalp but also on my face and body. I have also just now found on your website that you make a shampoo – even better!

SianNew Zealand

On behalf of our society I would like to thank you for the lovely range of Dermasoft products sent to us to enable us to provide samples to our clients. We have had some great results using your products and look forward to sharing that with our clients and hope they see the same results and particularly ease the discomfort the children suffering from atopic eczema.

Karen (Asthma Society)Waikato, New Zealand

I would like to thank you for the products you sent me as they have been invaluable to me and the children who have eczema. I have given many samples to my clients and have been getting some very positive results. The comments back have been around how easy the (Sorbolene) cream absorbed into the skin, and the convenience of the pump bottles especially when parents have to chase a toddler around to put on the cream! The Soap Substitute how well it stayed on the skin and that the skin had a nice feel to it afterwards. I now have quite a number of families using your products.

Pam (Public Health Nurse)New Zealand

I just want to tell you that I had splits in my fingertips for 2 years before using Dermasoft products. I now have no problems at all. I have tied 11 other products before these.

M. SimmondsNew Zealand

Hi there – I suffer from eczema and would like to try your shampoo – do you offer any samples? I use your Dermasoft hand Cream and absolutely swear by it – thanks for providing a such a beneficial product.

RosannaNew Zealand

I have been using Dermasoft Sorbolene cream with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E for quite some time now, probably six to seven years. It is an excellent moisturiser and I have found it fantastic for my needs. Thank you.

RaewynNew Zealand