Lip Life Moisturising Jel

Lip Life dispenser and tube new

Liplife Moisturising Jel will help restore dry, damaged lips to a soft healthy condition, and will also protect your lips from exposure to the sun, wind and the cold.
Liplife Moisturising Jel has a unique formulation and works 5 ways to protect and nourish your lips.
In addition to moisturising and softening, this Jel contains Dimethicone (2.5%) to help seal in moisture.
Liplife Moisturising Jel also contains a healing agent, and an antiseptic, which will also help prevent the secondary infection which can cause sores.
A broad spectrum SPF15+ PABA free sunscreen is also included in this formulation to provide complete protection from the damaging effects of the sun.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Applies easily – soft Jel will not damage dry or cracked lips
  • Year round protection
  • SPF15+ sunscreen
  • Moisturises, softens, and seals in moisture
  • Unique formulation contains a healing agent (Allantoin 2.0%)
  • Contains an antiseptic to help prevent secondary infection and sores
  • Contains vitamin E